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Rawson Carpet Tiles at Surefit Carpets

Rawson Carpet Tiles

Rawson Champion at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The Rawson Champion range features the use of heavy contract carpet tiles with a ‘cobble’ effect surface. It is suitable for use in high wear situations such as public and private sector buildings, shops, offices, banks, health and sports centres.


Rawson, Champion, Anthracite, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Blue, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Cashmere, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Claret, Carpet Tile
Anthracite Blue Cashmere Claret
Rawson, Champion, Cobalt, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Oyster, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Plum, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Sand, Carpet Tile
Cobalt Oyster Plum Sand
Rawson, Champion, Saratoga, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Seaspray, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Gesky, Carpet Tile Rawson, Champion, Storm, Carpet Tile
Saratoga Seaspray Gesky Storm


Rawson Denby at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


Rawson’s Denby range is a heavy contract carpet tile suitable for use in areas needing a functional and economical floor surface, including exhibition spaces.


Rawson, Denby, Adriatic, Carpet Tile Rawson, Denby, Anthracite, Carpet Tile Raswon, Denby, Blue Bell, Carpet Tile Rawson, Denby, Cherry, Carpet Tile
Adriatic Anthracite Bluebell Cherry
Rawson, Denby, Chestnut, Carpet Tile Rawson, Denby, Heath, Carpet Tile Raswon, Denby, Jade, Carpet Tile Rawson, Denby, Olive, Carpet Tile
Chestnut Heath Jade Olive
Rawson, Denby, Pearl, Carpet Tile Rawson, Denby, Pomegranite, Carpet Tile Raswon, Denby, Sapphire, Carpet Tile Rawson, Denby, Spring, Carpet Tile
Pearl Pomegranite Sapphire Spring


Rawson Freeway at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The Rawson Freeway is a heavy contract carpet tile with a ‘Permafresh’ protected broad ribbed surface, meaning this particular carpet tile will not need cleaning as frequently as other ranges. The material is suitable for cinemas, theatres, shops, offices, hospitals and places of worship.


Rawson, Freeway, Astral, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Atlantic, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Azure, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Beige, Carpet Tile
Astral Atlantic Azure Beige
Rawson, Freeway, Brown, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Coral, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Earth, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Emerald, Carpet Tile
Brown Coral Earth Emerald
Rawson, Freeway, Forest, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Graphite, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Gun metal, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Indigo, Carpet Tile
Forest Graphite Gunmetal Indigo
Rawson, Freeway, Latte, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Mars, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Meadow, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Moonlight, Carpet Tile
Latte Mars Meadow Moonlight
Rawson, Freeway, Mulberry, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Pacific, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Pebble, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Poppy, Carpet Tile
Mulberry Pacific Pebble Poppy
Rawson, Freeway, Purple, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Scarlet, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Sherwood, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Steller, Carpet Tile
Purple Scarlet Sherwood Steller
Rawson, Freeway, Storm, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Summer, Carpet Tile Rawson, Freeway, Zircon, Carpet Tile
Storm Summer Zircon


Rawson Jazz at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The Rawson Jazz is a loop pile carpet tile, for heavy contract use in public and private sector buildings, schools, offices, residences and places of worship.


Rawson, Jazz, Blue, Carpet Tile Rawson, Jazz, Chilli, Carpet Tile Raswon, Jazz, Green, Carpet Tile Rawson, Jazz, Grey, Carpet Tile
Blue Chilli Green Grey
Rawson, Jazz, Sage, Carpet Tile Rawson, Jazz, Smoke, Carpet Tile Raswon, Jazz, Azure, Carpet Tile Rawson, Jazz, Chocolate, Carpet Tile
Sage Smoke Azure Chocolate
Rawson, Jazz, Lake, Carpet Tile Rawson, Jazz, Oak, Carpet Tile Raswon, Jazz, Sky, Carpet Tile Rawson, Jazz, Spice, Carpet Tile
Lake Oak Sky Spice

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